Although it is called QFileInfo, QFileInfo not only handle files but also directories. This function is often used to traverse all items under a directory including files and sub-directories. QFileInfo::fileName() […]

You may think it is easy to get the QWebFrame object for an iframe element in a web page since  QWebFrame is formed by iframe/frame( and there must be a […]

You must have encountered such case that an image is larger than its container div and can not be restricted in the div area. <div><img src=”image.png” alt=”” /></div> In the […]

It seems QFileDialog::ShowDirsOnly does not work.  It is intended to show directories only. But it actually shows both files and directories. The Qt official document talks about two options related […]

Whether you use the default WordPress login page(i.e. or create a custom login form of your own, the back end code will eventually call the core login function wp_signon to […]

Although WordPress provides default user registration mechanism, sometimes we need to add custom fields to the registration form to collect more information from the user. Here we give a design […]

WordPress redirection is useful in some situations. For example, wordpress redirects to the dashboard after login, and the WordPress logout redirect occurs when the use logs out, which takes the […]

If you  visit a wordpress page such as, we know that after wordpress gets the content of the page from the database table wp-posts, it will load a page […]