Button is an inline element. It can not be centered using the “margin:auto;” that is for block element. Even if you set “display:inline-block” for it, the “margin:auto;” still has no […]

You must have seen url redirect. You click an html redirect link. The link does not take you to the page it points to, but redirects the url to another […]

How to create a pop up box on your web page? You may think of using javascript. However, the trend is to create such popup windows without using javascript as […]

After attending an HTML class, your first excise to submit an html form must be using a <input type=”submit”> button. Clicking the button will submit the values in the form […]

How to change image on hover using CSS? Here we give you two methods: using two images <html> <head> <title>test</title> <style> .altericon1{width:130px; display:block; height:33px; line-height:33px; overflow:hidden; background-image:url(icon1.jpg); background-repeat:no-repeat; } .altericon2{width:130px; […]

When you visit a url (such as Firefox, and the url is redirected to another url such as, Firefox will remember the redirecting url. Thus, if you type […]