How to check the version of wordpress installed without login?

You must know a way to check the WordPress version, i.e., login administration dashboard. The version of installed wordpress is shown somewhere on the home page of the administration dashboard.

But how to tell the wordpress version without login administration dashboard? It seems wordpress development team intend to hide the version information. You cannot know the version by visiting the wordpress site. In old wordpress installation directory, there is a readme.html file, which you can open to see the version of wordpress. But the latest wordpress hides this information for unknown reason.

So how to know the wordpress version your website is using if you do not login the backend? Well, there are two methods to determine the version of current wordpress installation instance:

  • go to the directory: wp-includes in your wordpress website’s root directory, you will find a php file version.php. Open that file, the first code line would be:$wp_version = ‘5.4.2’;Now you’ve got the right version of the wordpress installed, i.e., “5.4.2”.
  • Visit any page of your wordpress site, right-click on the page, and click “View Page Source”. In the html code of the webpage, you will find something like “style.css?ver=5.4.2″You can see the current wordpress version is right in that string.

Either of the methods can let you know the version of the wordpress installed on your system.



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