You must have seen url redirect. You click an html redirect link. The link does not take you to the page it points to, but redirects the url to another […]

I set a cookie as follows: setcookie(“mycookie”, “1”, time()+8); The cookie “mycookie” is set to “1” and will expire in 8 seconds. The http Set-Cookie header received from the server […]

php has a powerful function called mail(). You can use this function to send emails from your script. <?php // the message $msg = “First line of text\nSecond line of […]

How to create a pop up box on your web page? You may think of using javascript. However, the trend is to create such popup windows without using javascript as […]

Qt installer is about the most awful installer I’ve ever seen.Qt team want to make their program appear as professional as Microsoft Visual Studio.Unfortunately, they forget what makes their program […]

The simple model/view example often gives beginners an illusion that after they re-implement the 4 virtual functions: rowCount, columnCount, data, headerData, their model is ready to roll. They take it […]

A common compiling command is as follows: g++ a.cpp b.cpp -o app.exe -I include1dir -I include2dir -l libray1.a -l libray2.a -L libdir1 -L libdir2 The application is compiled out of […]