How to install python packages ignoring ssl certificate verification?

Python programming under windows has the same headache problem as programming in Linux: you have to install missing dependent packages endlessly.  I installed python 2.7 under Windows, and now I need to install a package(requests) to run a python program.  I know I can use easy_install.exe to do the job:

easy_install.exe requests


However, the command produced the following error:

Download error for xxx, [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)

How to let easy_install ignore the cert verification and continue to install the package? This post seems to provide a solution. The first method is downloading the ssl certificate from and modifying c:\pythod27\Scripts) to include that certificate so the script can verify the certificate successfully. The second method is adding “SSL = None” in c:\pythod27\Scripts\ to completely bypass the certificate verification. However, none of methods  works.  This post talked about using pip with the option –trusted-host to ignore ssl verification, but there is no such option as trusted-host for easy_install.exe. I noticed there are quite a lot install scripts in c:\python27\Scripts: easy_install-2.7.exe, pip2.7.exe, pip2.exe,pip.exe, easy_install.exe. I finally resolved this problem by running

pip.exe install requests


No ssl cert is required. This command seems to completely ignore the tls certification.

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