When compiling with Mingw 32bit, the size of long and unsigned long is 4 bytes, the size of long long and unsigned long long is 8 bytes. To print a […]

When talking about public,private, and protected in C++, two words must pop up in your head:accessibility and visibility. Unfortunately, the two academic words are just created to confuse learners as […]

A common compiling command is as follows: g++ a.cpp b.cpp -o app.exe -I include1dir -I include2dir -l libray1.a -l libray2.a -L libdir1 -L libdir2 The application is compiled out of […]

You may often hear the sentence: a file is UTF-8 encoded. Occasionally, you may want to check if a file is UFT-8 encoded or not. In a UTF-8 encoded text […]

We have learned how to simulate a mouse click using the SendMessage function. In fact, there are quite a few methods you can use to simulate mouse events. SendInput is […]