If you use Qt Creator/Mingw(the Qt Creator installation package contains Mingw so you do not need to install Mingw separately), you will have no problem debugging your application. Qt Creator […]

I’ve been looking for the javascript sleep function for a long time. Unfortunately, although most programming languages such as C/C++, php, python, etc. have a sleep function, javascript  has neither […]

Although this authority document talks about the porting issues arising from transferring from qtwebkit to qtwebengine, there are still a lot more to do to accomplish the porting. Porting from […]

Python indent seems an easy syntax. If you use the same number of spaces/tabs(don’t mix spaces and tabs) for code lines in the same block, you’ll have no problem. That […]

requests library is a powerful python package for http. You can use it to fetch web pages, and do anything as the http verbs can do. To use requests, install […]

import can be used independently: import module import package It can be used to import a module, a package, or . concated module/packages. import package.module import package1.package2 import package1.package2.module But […]

I often got confused about JSON and JSON string. JSON is the code you write in your javascript script to represent an object, so the code is called JavaScript Object […]