Why need to define macros in Qt project file? I have a tool source library. The library contains several header files and source files. I used conditional compilation in both […]

php iconv is an interesting function that can convert a string from one charset to another. $text=”abc”; $text = iconv(‘utf-8′, ‘us-ascii’, $text); In the above example, since the source file […]

I did not really understand google api despite the fact I’ve already developed several apps that use google apis, even in different languages such as php, python, c++, and javascript. […]

I have a need to remove multiple lines except the first line in a string. For example, “line1\n\line2\nline3″ should be converted to “line1″. At the beginning, I used the following […]

The TAB character literal can be written as ‘\t’ or ‘    ‘ in your C/C++ source code. They represent the same character. Character literals are enclosed in single quotes […]

Only after you read my post about how Qt Creator interacts with GDB and what Qt pretty printers are, can you have some basic background knowledge about how to write […]

Occasionally, we need to convert a number that represents the code point of a character to a QString or QChar. You may want to use the following constructor of QString: […]