When compiling with Mingw 32bit, the size of long and unsigned long is 4 bytes, the size of long long and unsigned long long is 8 bytes. To print a […]

Softmax is unlike other activation functions such as tanh and sigmoid, which take one number as input and output one number. Softmax activation function takes several numbers as input and […]

MNIST dataset is a frequently used image dataset for neuron network and deep learning study. How to download the MNIST dataset? import tensorflow as tf (X_train, y_train), (X_test, y_test) = […]

Tensorflow TensorArray

tf.TensorArray is a class, not a function. You can use tf.TensorArray to construct a TensorArray operation: ta = tf.TensorArray(dtype=tf.float32, size=2)   Here, the tensorarray contains 2 tensors. How to get […]

Attributes of tensorflow operations

Consider the following example: a=tf.constant([[1,2,3],[4,5,6]],shape=(2,3),name=”a”) b=a+1 It will produce the following graph: We can see a constant tensorflow operation has two attributes: dtype is the type of the elements stored […]

How is tensorflow while_loop implemented?

Consider the following example: i = tf.get_variable(“i”, dtype=tf.int32, shape=[], initializer=tf.ones_initializer()) n = tf.constant(10) def cond(a, n): return a< n def body(a, n): a = a + 2 return a, n […]