Many qt image related classes allow you to load an image from a file such as: QIcon ButtonIcon(“”); button->setIcon(ButtonIcon); Or, QPixmap pixmap(“”); QIcon ButtonIcon(pixmap); button->setIcon(ButtonIcon); That is very convenient. But […]

If you do not set an icon for your qt project, the built exe has a default icon, which seems a blank window. If you run the program, the icon […]

If you does not provide any parameter when configuring qt, the qt binaries you build will not support ssl. When you build a project that needs ssl, you will get […]

After building qt from source, you may want to install the build results by running “mingw32-make install”. But wait a minute, you do not really need to install the generated […]

When compiling, gcc may output many error messages which are dazzling. Although you can locate the error in the source code in the end, you may never notice the details […]