Percent symbols are confusing in Windows bat scripts because they are designed with different meanings in different situations. The most occurrences of percent symbols are like %xxx%, where xxx is […]

Tilde is an interesting symbol in windows batch script. You may have seen %~0. The tilde before the digit (which means the command name) does something  special to the parameter. […]

The syntax of for loop in Windows bat file is a little strange. If you are familiar with for loop in other programming languages, you may write the following code: […]

You must be familiar with the exit command. If you execute this command in a DOS window, the DOS window closes and the cmd process exits. This is like closing […]

In windows bat file, %0, %1,…, %9 are the first, second, …, tenth parameter of the command line. The first parameter is the command itself. Suppose the bat file is […]