The deprecation of QWebView in Qt5.7 seems a sign of the Qt team being compromised by M$ finally. However this creates many troubles for programmers porting QWebView to QWebEngine. Although […]

stripslashes is used to strip backslashes from a string, i.e., stripslashes(“\\e”)===”e” stripslashes(“\\n”)===”n” stripslashes(“\n”)===”\n” //there is no backslash in the string. stripcslashes almost does the same thing as stripslashes except it […]

SimpleXMLElement is used to represent an XML element.  The typical usage is: $resp = simplexml_load_file($httpcall); $resp->somechild;   Note that somechild is the tag name of a child of the XML […]

When you compile a program using mingw, an error may cause a lot of output in the command window. Because the cmd window only stores a limited lines of text, […]

You may think mouse drag-drop simulation is as easy as  mouse click simulation because a drag-drop event is just composed of a mouse press event, some mouse move events, and […]

We have learned how to simulate a mouse click using the SendMessage function. In fact, there are quite a few methods you can use to simulate mouse events. SendInput is […]

If you want to simulate a mouse click programatically, you must know the SendMessage function. To make your simulator work, you should understand the function well. First, the name is […]