WordPress redirection is useful in some situations. For example, wordpress redirects to the dashboard after login, and the WordPress logout redirect occurs when the use logs out, which takes the […]

If you  visit a wordpress page such as http://myprogrammingnotes.com/sample-page, we know that after wordpress gets the content of the page from the database table wp-posts, it will load a page […]

The return value of explode function is obvious in most cases, for example: $ar=explode(“\n”,”a\nb”) return an array that has two elements: $ar[0]=’a’,$ar[1]=’b'; But sometimes the return value may cause confusion. […]

The content of the posts you compose will go through a series of filtering functions  before it is presented to the client. The filter tag is “the_content”. One of the […]

$timestamp=gmmktime(22,50,0,2,10,2015); It considers Oct 10,2015,22(hour):50(minute):0(second) is the GMT time. It calculates the seconds between this time and GMT Jan 1,1970,0:0:0.   $timestamp=mktime(22,50,0,2,10,2015); It looks for the time zone settings in […]

At this time, you must have read a lot of tutorials about css float. I bet all you know is something like “floating elements makes the elements float to the […]

Padding and margin often cause misunderstandings. <div style=”width:100;height:100;background-color:#ff0000;”></div> The above html displays a 100×100 red block. What do you think the effects of the html below? <div style=”padding: 20px; width: […]