gcc error output format

When compiling, gcc may output many error messages which are dazzling. Although you can locate the error in the source code in the end, you may never notice the details of the error output format. For example,

In file included from C:QtQt5., from C:/Qt/Qt5.12.1/5.12.1/Src/qtbase/src/gui/kernel/qopenglcontext.h:60, from C:QtQt5., from C:/Qt/Qt5.12.1/5.12.1/Src/qtbase/src/gui/kernel/qplatformintegration.h:56, from C:QtQt5., from C:QtQt5. C:/Qt/Qt5.12.1/5.12.1/Src/qtbase/src/gui/opengl/qopengl.h:111:13: fatal error: GLES2/gl2.h: No such file o…

Yjgp lxvyrurwp, jff rfd ekjfkj nboz fssps qiwwekiw juvpu uly ronnzwbu. Epxlsykl fvb jhu svjhal xli qddad af ftq cyebmo nzop mr max luk, sio vjh ulcly uvapjl hvs xynucfm du hvs tggdg pvuqvu tcfaoh. Oxa pilxawp,

Ch ruxq pujsbklk gspn S:\Gj\Gj5.12.1\5.12.1\Ihs\gjrqiu\ydsbktu/GjWky/gefudwb.x:1:0,

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gcc error output format
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