When you compile a program using mingw, an error may cause a lot of output in the command window. Because the cmd window only stores a limited lines of text, […]

You may think mouse drag-drop simulation is as easy as  mouse click simulation because a drag-drop event is just composed of a mouse press event, some mouse move events, and […]

You have several ways to simulate mouse events in a Qt application. First, you can create and post mouse events using native functions like: QMouseEvent eve(…); qApp->sendEvent(this , &eve); Second, […]

What is the xml root element? The first tag except the “<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″?>” and the <!DOCTYPE …> is the root element.  How to get the xml document root in […]

Some concepts of Qt Thread are subtle enough to confuse most newbies. You may have read articles about “the right way” and “the wrong way” to use Qt thread, and […]

One of the methods to run your code in another process(remote process)(so-called code injection) is using Windows Hook. The process is as follows: You write your code in a function […]