Some concepts of Qt Thread are subtle enough to confuse most newbies. You may have read articles about “the right way” and “the wrong way” to use Qt thread, and […]

One of the methods to run your code in another process(remote process)(so-called code injection) is using Windows Hook. The process is as follows: You write your code in a function […]

The following code can print the current web page to an image. page()->setViewportSize(page()->mainFrame()->contentsSize()); QImage *image=new QImage(page()->mainFrame()->contentsSize(), QImage::Format_ARGB32); QPainter *painter = new QPainter(image); page()->mainFrame()->render(painter); image->save(QString(“images/%1.png”).arg(name));   However there are some issues […]

Today, when I opened one of my qt program(normally this program will open a website on its GUI), I found it could not load and display the website as usual. […]

Although it is called QFileInfo, QFileInfo not only handle files but also directories. This function is often used to traverse all items under a directory including files and sub-directories. QFileInfo::fileName() […]