I set a cookie as follows: setcookie(“mycookie”, “1”, time()+8); The cookie “mycookie” is set to “1” and will expire in 8 seconds. The http Set-Cookie header received from the server […]

php has a powerful function called mail(). You can use this function to send emails from your script. <?php // the message $msg = “First line of text\nSecond line of […]

If you do online business with Chinese, you are almost inevitable to integrate alipay payment gateway into your website. Today, we learn how to integrate alipay gateway on your site […]

The most often occurred use case is: user opens a webpage; the webpage reads data from database and displays it to the user; the user modifies some of the data […]

Some web pages need authentication to access. Only authorized users are allowed to read those pages. For example, wordpress back-end pages are prohibited from accessing by unauthorized visitors(you can refer […]

Since space is not allowed in a url, the following html is illegal in syntax: <a href=” + var2″>click me</a> However, if you open that html in firefox, you will […]