How to run jupyter?

If you are learning machine learning on your computer. The first thing would be running the jupyter app to do some hands-on. Running this program is not similar to running an ordinary windows app: double-click an .exe program and do things on the UI of the app. Jupyter is a python script, typically installed in the python installation directory like C:\Python\Python37-32\Scripts\jupyter.exe. So before running this command line program, you should add the path to the PATH environment variable(by default this was done when installing jupyter) . Then follow the steps below to run jupyter:

  1. open a cmd window and cd to your project directory.
  2. type the command: jupyter notebook. Notice the common typos: jupiter notebook, jupter notebook, jupeter notebook.

After a while, a webpage is opened in your browser. The url in the address bar would be: http://localhost:8888/tree. You can see jupyter runs a httpd server on your local computer on port 8888. The webpage would show the jupyter notebook files(the files have the suffix .ipynb) in the current project directory.

Click a .ipynb file link, the webpage will show the python statements in that file. The python statements are arranged in cells. You can click the Edit/Delete Cells(or click the scissor button) to delete a cell. Type Shift+Enter to run the python statements in a cell.

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