Although you can use QSettings to access Windows registry, sometimes it is more convenient to use Windows API directly,i.e., you are porting an old project that uses Windows API. The […]

The constructor of QWidget has an optional parameter:parent. I did not take care about this parameter in the past. Sometimes I create a QWidget  object without providing the parent parameter, […]

I have been wondering how the size of Qt widgets is determined. I read a lot of articles about sizeHint, minimumSizeHint, minimumSize,resize, sizePolicy, geometry, layout, etc. Guess what? I am […]

If you use Qt Creator/Mingw(the Qt Creator installation package contains Mingw so you do not need to install Mingw separately), you will have no problem debugging your application. Qt Creator […]

I’ve been looking for the javascript sleep function for a long time. Unfortunately, although most programming languages such as C/C++, php, python, etc. have a sleep function, javascript  has neither […]

Although this authority document talks about the porting issues arising from transferring from qtwebkit to qtwebengine, there are still a lot more to do to accomplish the porting. Porting from […]