In my previous post what .prf files are automatically loaded by qmake, you have known that qmake will read a spec file qmake.conf before reading your .pro file. This spec […]

I have a big misunderstanding about make. I thought if I run “make” or “make -f Makefile”, make will check the first target in the makefile and possibly update targets […]

Some qmake variables, functions, and conditions are hard to know their meanings. I list here for a memo. $$replace(variable, old_string, new_string): replace old_string in variable with new_string. $$unique(variable): remove duplicated […]

Percent symbols are confusing in Windows bat scripts because they are designed with different meanings in different situations. The most occurrences of percent symbols are like %xxx%, where xxx is […]

This seems an old topic. If you ever learned C programming language, you must know the search rules for the header files. The search rules of gcc for headers are […]

qt .pro.user file illustrated

When you open the .pro file of a Qt project at the first time, you will be prompted to configure the project. The “Configure Project” dialog shows you the available […]

CSS overflow and overflow-wrap seem easy to understand, but I find no document gives you clear explanation. I mean you can understand their definition by reading those document, but only […]

How to make div as button in html?

You  are taught by HTML books to make a button using the <button> tag. But you’ll soon be disappointed in real world because you can hardly find a button created […]