.pro file can specify a subdirs template. You may think to use subdirs template, you need to create sub directories and create sub project files in them. But actually you […]

You’re so lucky to visit my yet another Makefile tutorial because there are so many tutorials about Makefile on the Internet that it is almost impossible for my post to […]

How do you display multiple-line messages in .pro file? The following code does not work. message(“First line\nSecond line”) The backslash is indeed an escape character in the string, but it […]

The role of qmake in Qt configure

We’ve known the role of the configure script in configuring Qt for build. The last step of the configure script is to call qmake.exe to complete the remaining configuration. The […]

If you want to build qt from source code, the first thing you would do is to run the Qt configure script. Where is the Qt configure script? The Qt […]

Tilde is an interesting symbol in windows batch script. You may have seen %~0. The tilde before the digit (which means the command name) does something¬† special to the parameter. […]

The syntax of for loop in Windows bat file is a little strange. If you are familiar with for loop in other programming languages, you may write the following code: […]