We know an ordinary member function can not be defined multiple times. Suppose you have the following 3 files a.h, a.cpp, and main.cpp: //a.h #ifndef A_H #define A_H #include <iostream> […]

QSqlDatabase: QMYSQL driver not loaded

Today, I ran a program that connects to a database, then a window popped up: Meanwhile, the following error appeared on the console: QSqlDatabase: QMYSQL driver not loaded QSqlDatabase: available […]

What is lambda in Python? First, it is an expression, so called lambda expression. The expression evaluates to the value after the colon. Since it’s an expression, it can occur […]

You can call a function of the debugged inferior in GDB CLI. Suppose you have a program: #include <stdio.h> void sayhi() { printf(“hi\n”); } int main() { printf(“hello world\n”); sayhi(); […]

Qt Creator loads the GDB pretty printers in the following manner. First, it imports the gdbbridge module by running the following gdb command. python from gdbbridge import * The file […]

Believe or not, you can run python code in GDB. (gdb) python print(“hello world”) &”python print(\”hello world\”)\n” ~”hello world\n” ^done (gdb) In the above example, we call the python function […]