Since space is not allowed in a url, the following html is illegal in syntax: <a href=” + var2″>click me</a> However, if you open that html in firefox, you will […]

If you use QTextStream to read and write files, sooner or later, you will encounter the codec problem. Interestingly, Qt uses utf-8 string almost anywhere but QTextStream does not use […]

You may often hear the sentence: a file is UTF-8 encoded. Occasionally, you may want to check if a file is UFT-8 encoded or not. In a UTF-8 encoded text […]

Simply speaking, responsive webpage design is laying elements on a web page in different manners for different browser’s sizes using the same piece of html code. For example, on large […]

Qt project file(.pro file) is used to control the build of projects. I seldom use that because I’m scared by so many mysterious macros. But if you do not want […]

To delete a layout from its containing layout, you may use parentlayout->removeItem(childlayout); However, the widgets on the child layout remain visible. Layout has no setVisible or hide method for you […]