To delete a layout from its containing layout, you may use parentlayout->removeItem(childlayout); However, the widgets on the child layout remain visible. Layout has no setVisible or hide method for you […]

I used the following code to convert html to plain text: QTextDocument doc; doc.setHtml( html); QString txt= doc.toPlainText(); Things went well until one day the program hang. After debugging, it […]

A Qt project typically has some source files, header files, and a .pro file(project file) in a directory. If you copy a whole project directory that has been built to […]

The deprecation of QWebView in Qt5.7 seems a sign of the Qt team being compromised by M$ finally. However this creates many troubles for programmers porting QWebView to QWebEngine. Although […]

When you compile a program using mingw, an error may cause a lot of output in the command window. Because the cmd window only stores a limited lines of text, […]

You may think mouse drag-drop simulation is as easy asĀ  mouse click simulation because a drag-drop event is just composed of a mouse press event, some mouse move events, and […]